A busy day in Mogadishu

Today was another busy day in Mogadishu. There are heavy fights going on between the Somali soldiers (+ African soldiers) and the extreme Al-Shabaab forces. All ministers, including myself, joined the soldiers in the front line to show our support. We helped in any way possible. Alhamdulilaah our young soldiers gained some trust in themselves and are more motivated to reclaim our country back. Somali mothers got together to cook meals for the soldiers. Other youngsters from the Somali diaspora joined in as well and brought aid to the soldiers.

As well as being a minister, I’m a mother. My children enjoy a healthcare system and good education back in the UK. The children of Somalia deserve the same if not better inshalah. When I see the children of Somalia I can’t help but remember my own. Even the youngsters with Al-Shabaab are victims of their circumstances and need to be re-habilitated and introduced to a better life.

We need a health care system, we need a great educational system, we need so many things but all these things are hard to implement with the current instability. Inshalah first we need law & order and after that we can re-build our country.

Inshalah with hard work we can achieve a better future for our people. We need all your Dua’s so please keep us in your Dua’a.


About Maryam Qasim

I am a medical doctor and a humanitarian activist. I have worked as an obstetrician and gynecologist, which is my specialty as well as a University lecturer. I also obtained a Masters in Public Health from Warwick University. During my time in the diaspora, I worked on empowering women and raising the achievements of Somali children. I worked with local schools/authorities as well as presenting at national and international conferences dealing with family matters. I am very active in the Islamic field, giving Islamic lectures at Masjid’s, conferences, universities and summer campings. I served as the minister for Women’s Development and Family Affairs in the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia (2010-2011). I am currently the chair person of Tayo party which is a political party striving for equality and justice.
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