The wife of the Somali Prime Minister and the Wife of the Somali Defense Minister donate generously

Marwada R/wasaaraha Soomaaliya iyo Marwada Wasiirka Gashaandhiggaoo deeq lacageed ku wareejisay Wasaaradda Haweenka

Marwada R/wasaaraha xukuumadad Soomaaliya ayaa maanta deeq lacageed oo dhan 1500 oo doller islamarkaana ay iska soo uruuriyeen Haweenka Soomaaliyeed ee ku dhaqan Gobolka Virginia ee Dalka Mareykanka ku wareejisay Wasiirka Haweenka iyo arriamaha qoyska kadib xaflad kooban oo lagu guddoonsiinayay deeqdaasi oo ka dhacay magaalada Muqdisho.

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About Maryam Qasim

I am a medical doctor and a humanitarian activist. I have worked as an obstetrician and gynecologist, which is my specialty as well as a University lecturer. I also obtained a Masters in Public Health from Warwick University. During my time in the diaspora, I worked on empowering women and raising the achievements of Somali children. I worked with local schools/authorities as well as presenting at national and international conferences dealing with family matters. I am very active in the Islamic field, giving Islamic lectures at Masjid’s, conferences, universities and summer campings. I served as the minister for Women’s Development and Family Affairs in the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia (2010-2011). I am currently the chair person of Tayo party which is a political party striving for equality and justice.
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